Boil is a painful, pus filled lump under the skin caused by an infection in an oil gland or hair follicle. As kids have sensitive skin and their immune system are still developing, this makes them more prone to infection. It is our responsibility to keep the kid’s surrounding hygienic, infection free and kid’s skin cool to save them from boils.

The infection that causes boils commonly occurs because of bacteria called staphylococcus (STAPH) that can invade our skin. When we get a cut or bite, the bacteria makes its way into the body through small cracks on the skin or from hair folic. Usually boils are not a serious problem. But, if infection spreads your child may feel sick or get fever. This is the time you should take your child to the doctor. Boil start as red lumps and gradually the lump becomes tender and filled with pus and then turns white. The formation of pus can make the boil quite painful. It can appear anywhere on the body but, they are most common on the face, neck, armpit, thighs, shoulders and buttocks, around the ear and nose and sweaty areas. Kids also tend to get some on the knee.

Boils can be observed in any healthy kid, but children with low immunity, existing skin infection and those who suffer from frequent insect bites are at a higher risk.


  • Poor hygiene
  • Poor food intake or poor nutrition
  • Weaker immune system
  • Exposure to harsh chemical
  • Hair folic infection caused by a staph bacteria
  • Iron deficiency
  • Friction from tight clothes
  • Eczema (home remedies to dryness)


  • Boil lasts for two weeks or more
  • When boil become very large
  • When they are painful
  • When your baby suffer from fever or feel unwell
  • Reoccurrence of boil
  • Boil appearing on the face or spine
  • Spread of Redness around skin of boil

Nutritious diet is the solution of every health problem. Zinc is an important mineral for boosting immunity and is essential in the treatment of boils. Introducing Iron rich food in your kid’s diet can also help them in fighting against boils. Food rich in Iron are: beans, spinach, dry fruits, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, broccoli and fish etc. (Iron rich food recipe)


Warm compress – This is one of the most effective home remedy for boil. Keeping warm, wet cloth on the boil for 20 minutes, 3-4 times a day can help to get relief as the heat and moisture can help the boil to open and drain. Water can be mixed with baking soda too for quick results.

Turmeric – It has proven medicinal properties. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in it help to reduce the inflammation of the boil. You can choose to ingest turmeric powder. Add turmeric powder in milk or water and boil it and then let it cool. Taking this milk or water thrice a day can help to get rid of heat boils. You can also apply turmeric paste over boil to heal it quickly. (How can turmeric treat cold?)

Garlic– Garlic with its antiviral and antibacterial properties helps boost your immunity. You can extract juice from fresh garlic cloves and apply on the head of the boil for 10- 30 minutes twice a day. It will help to soften the point from where it can be drained off. (How to use garlic in reducing leg pain?)

Apple cider vinegar– Apple cider vinegar cleanses the boils and disinfects has anti- inflammatory properties which help in reducing the redness and pain of the boils. You can apply few drops of apple cider vinegar directly on boils and repeat this several time in a day for fast relief. (How does ACV work for hair?)

Onion– Onion have active compounds and anti inflammatory properties that can ease the pain of a boil. Its antifungal and anti-septic properties helps and prevent them to develop again. Cut a slice of onion, place it over boil and cover with clean cloth. Do this couple of times a day. This should generate heat and draw pus out. (How to use onion for curing cough?)

Cumin seeds– commonly found in Asian/ Indian kitchen, it has many health and beauty benefits. Cumin seeds contain thymoquinone, which reduces inflammation and also helps in reducing pain and stiffness of the boils. It is a primary source of antioxidant, which can kill harmful strains of bacteria. Take some cumin seed and crush them, now add few drops of water to make a thick paste. Apply this on affected area, wash it off after dried out. (Nutritious recipe using cumin seeds)

Neem– Neem is used to treat many ailments. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can help to treat skin infections including boils.. It can be used to sooth the skin too. Grind few leaves of neem with water to make a paste, mow apply this on boils and cover it with a clean cloth, this will help you to get rid of the boil. (How to use neem for face and body skin?)

Recipe for Sweet Potato fries

  • 3 sweet potato (purple or white or orange)
  • 3 red skinned potato (optional)

Scrub and wash the sweet potato and red skinned potato. Leave skin on (skin is loaded with antioxidants and fibre). Cut sweet potato or red skinned potato In wedges form. Rub and toss them in 1 tsp oil (or more) Sprinkle some salt. Good to use Epsom salt (why?) Spread them out on baking sheet on tray. Place on middle rack. Preheat oven for 5 min at 200 Celsius and Bake for 25-30 min. Sprinkle roasted cumin seeds powder seasoning or onion and garlic powder seasoning or any other on top and serve.

KIDS LOVE IT! so always make extra 🙂

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