Super Easy Pre-Biotic For Kids


Prebiotic is a food which is not fully digested in the body and reaches the large intestine (commonly known as GUT). The good bacteria in the large intestine eats this food and flourishes. Good bacterias multiply and win over the bad bacterias (disease forming)

Moong Daal (Mung Bean) is an outstanding prebiotic. It has been used in Ayurveda for over 1000 years to make medicine for digestion.

Other than being a food for the bacterias in the Gut, it is the most powerful antioxidant amongst all lentils, and is also loaded with many micro-nutrients. Mung bean is also extremely high in Protein, which digests slowly and keeps the kids energetic and Fit.

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Due to these powerful results, billion dollar companies in the west are moving to Moong Daal to prepare plant-based non-veg. protein which is more nutritious than original.

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Without removing the shell, it can be prepared as Khichdi, Daal, Wrap, Cheela, Dosa, Soup or a paste to add in dough for all age-groups.

Recipe: take 1 cup Mung bean and soak for 4 hours. Grind to make thick batter with water. Add Salt, carom seeds. Spread on hot non-stick pan. Cook. Flip. Cook. Serve hot with any sauce. You may sneak in some veggies purée in the lentil mixture like spinach, carrot or beetroot.

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