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guava botanical face drops
for hyperpigmentation
botanical face drops
skin lightening face serum
dark spots removal
removes dead skin cells
clinically proven ingredients for dark spots
Ready steady glow guava botanical face drops
removal of dark skin patches
removes pores, acne marks
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Ready Steady Glow Guava Botanical Face Drops

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    Ready Steady Glow Guava Botanical Face Drops:Brighten, Even Tone, Spotless (30ml)

    Guava Botanical Face Drops: For Reducing Pigmentation, Pores, Acne & also Spots on Face

    For Clear & Bright Skin



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    Who should buy this?

    • For all Moms


    How is this different?


    How to Apply?

    • Few Drops Morning & Night on clean face.
    • Apply Sunscreen before stepping out directly in Sun.
    • Silky, Water-gel, Oil-free texture that gets absorbed by the skin.


    What are the Key Ingredients?

    • Guava (Very rich in Vitamin C, also brightens skin)
    • Papaya (Reduces darks spots, marks and also unclogs pores)
    • Rice Protein (Reduces skin irritation)
    • Licorice/ Mulethi (Lightens skin, also reduces pigmentation)
    • Saxifraga (Plant proven to tone and also tighten skin)
    • Aloe Vera (Rich in Vitamin C, E for healthy skin cells)
    • Vitamin C (Stops compounds which reduce collagen)
    • Hyaluronic (Hydrate skin)
    • Allantoin (Helps to shed dead skin cells)


    What happens to Skin after Motherhood or after 35?

    • Fluctuating hormonal levels post motherhood and after 35, combined with genetic tendency, results in increased Pigmentation like Dark patches and also Uneven skin tones, Melasma.
    • Hormonal changes, cause changes in progesterone levels which increase sebum (oil) production, which clog Pores and also trigger Acne.


    How Does it Work?

    • Treats & also prevents dark spots
    • Visibly lightens pigmentation
    • Rehydrates skin and also brightens it
    • Maintains collagen in the skin
    • Protects skin from free radical damage
    • Reduce appearance of uneven skin tone and also redness
    • Reduces sebum production to keep pores tight and also control acne


    Why Does it Show Good Results?

    • Made with Scientifically Proven Ingredients.
    • Guava in the product reduces sebum production by 21%.
    • Mix of Guava, Papaya,Saxifraga clinically proven to lighten skin and also remove spots. 
    • Saxifraga fades dark spots and also discolouration.
    • Saxifraga used for generations in Japan as herbal remedy to treat skin
    • Papaya proven to reduce dead cells.
    • Guava, Papaya, Saxifraga used by ancestors to treat Skin Conditions.
    • Reduces effect of Free Radicals that makes skin dull and old.


    **Results of 57 users of All Skin Types & Age

    What are the Results after 1 Day?

    • 100% found skin more bright next morning
    • 100% saw no reaction
    • 94% did not feel need to apply any cream on top

    What are the Results after 1 Week?

    • 100% agreed to bright skin tone
    • 100% felt no reaction
    • 93% felt difference in pores
    • 87% saw reduction in new Acne
    • 92% saw lightened acne spots

    What are the Results after 1 Month?

    • 97% agreed to a healthier, brighter skin
    • 90% found visible difference in hyper pigmentation/ melasma
    • 92% found reduced spots
    • 84% got compliments from friends, family
    • 89% also noticed reduced new Acne
    • 99% did not feel need to apply any cream on top
    • 89% asked to repeat serum