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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out that my child is getting enough nutrition?

    Answer: If your child is eating at least 3-4 servings of different vegetables and fruits in a day, consuming a variety of nuts and seeds and sleeping well, then there should not be much to worry about their health. When we notice that the child is feeling tired soon, having frequent body-aches, early greying of hair, weak vision, unexpected fractures, weak focus and memory, frequent illness, distubed digestion, hairfall, mood swings etc then nutrition from food can definitely help.


    2. How do I know whether my child is growing up fine?

    Answer: Keep measuring your child’s height as well as weight at regular intervals to assess your child’s overall health. Plotting height & weight on growth charts allows you to keep track of your child's growth & development over time and helps take timely measures if required. Please consult your Pediatrician for appropriate advice.


    3. My son doesn’t seem to enjoy his meals and is not at all interested in eating fruits & vegetables. What should I do?

    Answer: You can either prepare meals in the formats he likes with hidden nutrition of veggies or fruits. Or you may give Iyurved’s Nutrition spreads made of Herbs and Nuts. 


    4. How can Daily Nutrition Spread solve my child’s nutritional problems?

    Answer: Daily Nutrition spread is an innovative product carefully crafted using scientifically proven Ayurvedic herbs and nuts. Research backs the efficacy of these herbs in building immunity and supporting brain development, focus and memory. The nuts used in the spread are scientifically known to possess all the omega-3, protein, vitamins and minerals for the body. So, Yes, these spreads will provide your child with all the benefits of building immunity, strengthening bones, developing brain, managing ADHD, controlling hormonal acne and overall growth/ weight.


    5. Are the ingredients of the spread safe for my child?

    Answer: It is carefully designed as per RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) and scientific studies.


    6. Does this spread contain preservatives?

    Answer: It is 100% natural and preservative-free.


    7. What is the difference between Chocolate spreads & Savoury Spread?

    Answer: Chocolate spread is for those kids who love to eat chocolate. This spread can be eaten directly or with milk, bread, roti etc.

    Savoury spread is for kids who don’t like to eat chocolate. This can be mixed in atta/ dough, cheela, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, laddoo etc and fed to the child.


    8. What are the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs for my child’s health?

    Answer: There are scientific studies supporting the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs in immunity building and brain development- cognition, focus, memory. Sharing some studies for Ashwagandha & Brahmi here, Shallaki here, Turmeric here and Licorice here.

    9. What is Iyurved?

    Answer: Iyurved is a fortified food company for kids to support their daily nutrition, immunity, brain development, muscle & bone strength, digestion, hormonal imbalance and other common health-related concerns. 


    10. Why should I choose Iyurved?

    Answer: Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’- Hippocrates. Nutritional deficiencies in kids today can result in serious health concerns in future. When kids are small, they have extremely healthy body cells. This is why they always look so fresh, active and happy.  We don’t notice any deficiency in them. But very soon, the lack of nutrition begins to show. Kids begin to fall sick faster. They complain of being tired often. Their vision falls weak. They face hair fall or early grey hair. They are unable to focus or memorize. The body goes through hormonal changes early. All this happens because the body cells are not performing their work properly. This can be easily avoided with complete nutrition.

    Iyurved offers nutrition through food products which are tasty and convenient to eat by kids.


    11. Does my child need these Nutrition Spreads?

    Yes, everyday! If you have a kid/teen who:

      1. Eats very little
      2. Accepts/eats only a few types of food
      3. Does not eat nuts, seeds and Ayurvedic herbs regularly
      4. Eats few fruits and vegetables
      5. Refuses to try new foods
      6. Prolong mealtimes
      7. Suffer from frequent illnesses or Infections
      8. Has slow physical growth (weight and height)
      9. Are active in physical activities
      10. Need a nutritious snack or supplement


    12. What is so unique about this product?

    Never has it been so easy to feed bitter Ayurvedic herbs  and nuts to children in such a convenient format. This innovative product makes it easy to feed Ayurvedic herbs combined with daily nutrition of nuts to the child everyday.

    This product has the following nutrients to support complete health:

    • Carbohydrates: provides energy
    • Protein: helps support muscle development
    • Fats: supports brain development
    • Fiber: supports digestion
    • Vitamin A, E: protects eyes and builds immunity
    • Vitamin B: supports energy formation in the body
    • Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc: builds immunity
    • Iron and Copper: provides energy and supports brain development
    • Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin K: supports bone development

    This product has been developed by a nutritionist in close collaboration with one of the best food technologists in India. 


    13. How often should I feed this spread to my child?

    Answer: Everyday. 1-2 spoons based on the age group.


    14. Can adults also eat it?

    Answer: Why not! You won’t be able to resist it, once you try it :)