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We would like to hear your feedback, your inputs and your concerns. Iyurved has made all the products with parent inputs. Considering what the parent wants best for their child has been the top priority while designing a product. Iyurved reaches out to hundred of parents to seek inputs on their taste and texture preferences. For example, sugar or no sugar. Chocolate or other. Spread or powder. Parents have given their opinion and we have followed. However, there are some principles on which we will not compromise. Adding unnecessary artificial additives or preservatives to the product is against our philosophy. It is not only liberating for the parent to be in control of the product they feed their child, but also reassuring for us to provide them with that. We hope to keep it this way! Please reach out to us with your thoughts, product ideas and suggestions. We hope you are guilt-free feeding your child the requirement nutrition and your child is happily eating the same.