About Us

 As parents to 2 young boys, we realized there is a stark difference between the food choices of our kids and that of ours. Our kids love to eat chips, fries and candies while we as parents want them to voluntarily pick up veggies, fruits and everything fresh & nutritious (kehte hain jab koi cheez dil se chaho to sari kaynaat...)

Feeding nutritious & wholesome meals means spending a LOT of time on food. If you are a parent, you'll know! It takes "x" number of hours to prepare food, and 5x the time to FEED it to kids.

Back Story

As parents to constantly-hungry and fast-growing boys, we have triumphantly zeroed down on bridging this gap between TASTE and NUTRITION. With a year long experiment in the kitchen (thanks to pandemic!), constantly preparing meals, and attempting to match the kids' standard of TASTE & FORMAT, while maintaining the NUTRITION, was not an easy task. After numerous hacks, tricks and attempts, we can proudly announce ourselves victorious. Our kids are the primary inspiration behind Iyurved products. Their demands led us to experiment more and more till we were 'Kids Approved!'

What is special about Iyurved products?

Made of real and nutritious food (no more tonics!)

Kids will eat on their own (Yeah, you read that right!!!)

No more fussy-eaters (only happy-eaters)

No more blending, grinding veggies (or running with plate in hand)

Lastly, no more guilt!

All the Iyurved products are developed with a basic yet very effective food-parenting concept. Give kids the food-formats they love to eat and drink- chocolate spread, pizza, brownie, packed juices etc. The magic is to simply FORTIFY these with the goodness of herbs, natural enzymes and probiotics, plant protein and essential vitamins.

We have been on a constant war with our kids to make them relish home-cooked meals as much as they do the ones that come in a pack. Understandably, kids enjoy tearing a packet and eating by themselves. Our solution to this problem has been simple (even though it took a year to arrive at it!)- CHOOSE a child's favorite food, FORTIFY it with essential elements and PACK it!


Iyurved makes kid's favorite food products, fortified with traditional herbs, enzymes, probiotics, proteins and vitamins to support stronger eyesight, brain development, muscle and bone growth, digestion, hormones, sleep, hormones and many other health concerns.

Ayurveda is based on the premise of eating food as a medicine, we took that quite literally (humne to bas ati hi kar di!)


As a husband and wife entrepreneurial duo, we have co-founded Iyurved as an endeavor to adopt a more scientific & kid-friendly approach to kids' nutrition, keeping in touch with our traditions. All we wish for is that the basic nutrition needs of all school going kids are met. After all, nutrition goes a long way in shaping not just an active present, but also a dependable future. 

Iyurved aims to solve kids' health and nutrition challenges for the parents by offering Tasty, Fortified foods in convenient Formats so that the children demand and consume it themselves.

We have more exciting products coming soon! (bas thoda sa intezaar!)

Our Team

Ketan Kapoor




Vandita Tewari Kapoor