Some parents have been kind enough to share their journey with us. Lets hear them to closely understand the benefits of these products.
1) Brain Booster Chocolate/Savoury Spread


Detailed Zoom Session

2) Hyper Less Savoury Spread
3) Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder

4) Adults Brain Booster Dates Choco Spread

5) Weight Healthy Savoury Spread
6) Sleep Well Chocolate Spread


7) Immunity Boost Chocolate Spread


    8) Eye Health Chocolate Spread


    9) Daily Nutrition Chocolate Spread


    10) Nursing Moms Milk Multi Jaggery choco Spread


    11) Women Stop Hair fall Masala Spread


    12) Guava Botanical face drops


    13Plum Niacinamide face drops



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