What are the major skin changes that a women goes through?

Skin at 35First noticeable changes in skin begin around 35. Under eye changes, appearance of thin lines, discolouration, and heavier pigmentation begin at this time. Taking action at this time is very important.

Skin at 40: You can notice major changes in the firmness of the skin. Loss of elasticity and firmness happens at this age. Producing new skin cells fast and Repairing old ones will help the most at this age to keep skin fresh, bright and firm.

Skin at 50: Post menopause, body experiences a hormone shift with declining levels of estrogen and increased levels of androgens and this affects the skin. Dryness and excess pigmentation is most common.

These are natural signs of skin changes as a woman ages. Let's take care and precaution to slow down this process.

Skin requirements at 35, 40, 50 will be very different from 20s.


What happens to Skin after 35 or 40?

- Fluctuating hormonal levels post 35 result in dull and dry skin with increased dry patches, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, warts, and tags.

- Hormonal changes cause changes in progesterone levels which increase sebum (oil) production, which clog Pores and trigger Acne.

- Skin shedding process slows down which causes skin to look dull and tired.

- This increases the skin-ageing process very fast.


What does skin need to remain bright and fresh?

- Skin needs to quicken the skin shedding process so that new skin can appear and look fresh and bright.

- Skin needs to repair skin cells to reduce spots.

- Skin needs antioxidants to fight warts, tags, pigmentation.

- Skin needs to produce more collagen and elastin to remain firm and have volume on face.

- Skin needs hydration to reduce appearance of fine lines.

- Skin needs to stop producing extra sebum (oil) to control acne and pores


How will the products help?

- Guava in the product reduces sebum production by 21%.

- Mix of Guava, Papaya, Saxifraga clinically proven to lighten skin and remove spots. 

- Saxifraga fades dark spots and discolouration.

- Papaya proven to reduce dead cells.

- Niacinamide in the product increases Skin Protein Formation by 100%

- Niacinamide in the product Increases Collagen in Skin in 54%.

- Niacinamide in the product Increases Elasticity (plumpness) in skin by 20%.

- Australian Plum is used for Thousands of Years by Ancestors to Repair Skin. 

- Zinc protects the skin from external damage of Sun and Pollution


What should I use if I have hyperpigmentation or Melasma?

Use combination of both skin serums, morning and evening to reduce hyperpigmentation and Melasma.


How to Apply?

- Few Drops Morning & Night on clean and dry face/ body part.

- Apply Sunscreen before stepping out directly in Sun.

- Silky, water-gel, oil-free texture that gets absorbed by the skin.


Are these Skin Serums Natural?

Yes. 100% Natural Ingredients. No Silicone, No Paraben, No Sulphate.

They are made with teachings of ancestors and learnings from science.