Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange - IYURVED-IN
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Family Prebiotic Gut Drink
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange
Family Prebiotic Gut drink with Digest veggies and dal powder

    Family Prebiotic Gut Drink Powder Orange

    Rs. 649.00

      Tasty Nutrition for Gut Health (175gm)

      Family Prebiotic Gut Drink made with prebiotic fiber, sweetened with plants

      Try for Constipation,Acidity, Bloating, Weak Digestion, Allergies, Metabolism

      • 1-2 Spoons daily morning empty stomach (based on age) 
      • Double serving size for severe constipation
      • Notice benefits in 1-3 months

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       Product Formulation: 
      • Great source of prebiotic fiber
      • Crafted to boost gut health
      • No Refined sugar. Sweetened with plants.
      • Natural ingredients. 0% preservative.
      • FSSAI govt certified and safe for kids and adults
      • Gluten free. Dairy free
      • Can be mixed with water
      • Best before 6 months from manufacture


       Important Ingredients: 
      • Fiber (from guar beans, papaya and FOS)

      Scientific Research on these ingredients benefiting Digestion, Immunity, Brain and Allergies- Read here.


      How does it work?

      This Family Prebiotic Gut Drink has Prebiotic Fiber which is proven to help with gut health and digestion concerns. Gut can become unhealthy when the good bacteria living in our gut decrease. This happens (1) when the right food is not fed to the bacteria or (2) the bacteria reduce because of medicine intake or (3) when the child/ adult consume lot of processed foods.


      When will I notice benefits?

      This is not a medicine. It's a food product made with proven ingredients for Gut Health. People have noticed positive changes within 3 weeks.  

      Prebiotic fiber is the food that is required by the good bacteria (Probiotic) living in the gut of our body. When these bacteria don't get their food or get too much of medicine, they begin to die.


      Does it have any side effects?

      This is a FSSAI Certified Food product made with proven ingredients. It is safe to consume by kids and adults.


      Does my child or family need it?

      Gut plays an essential role in the absorption of all nutrients that we get from foods. It plays an important role in keeping kids and adults healthy, both physically and mentally- including metabolism, immune system, nervous system and digestive tract. So feeding gut healthy foods to kids and adults is very important.

      FAMILY PREBIOTIC GUT DRINK is the most simple and tasty way to feed the good bacterias living in the body. It is made with fibre of guar beans and a prebiotic fiber. Also,Sweetened with a plant sweetener. No preservatives. No artificial colour or flavour. No refined sugar. Meant for any child or adult who:

      1. face indigestion or constipation
      2. have allergies- seasonal or skin or breathing
      3. fall sick often
      4. need to improve brain health (learning, mood, attention etc)
      5. need to fix metabolism for healthy weight


      What is so unique about this product?

      Never has it been so easy to feed daily amount of fiber in such a convenient format. This product can help to meet the daily fiber intake of the child or adult.  


      How can my child or family consume this?

      They can mix it with water or add to any other dessert or cereal and consume.

      Also, Read more about the daily required nutrition for a child here

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      Tell me more about Gut health?

      For kids: Child gets his/ her gut microbiome (living bacteria in gut) at the time of birth and it is set up in early childhood. Children’s microbiome remains flexible before the age of four or five. Hence, this is a good time to build a strong and healthy gut with the help of some gut healthy foods

      For adults: According to a study, having good bacteria in the gut can improve immune system, hormonal imbalance, depression/ mood, cholesterol and also maintain healthy weight by balancing the metabolism.

      So, always feed gut healthy foods to yourself and your kids.    


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Mahesh Buradkar

      I had benefited. But everything went well so I started drinking alcohol and mava again. And now the problem started again ( gased, constipation, etc) I am upset with myself until all this is closed to get a good result. I am trying to do that. The rest is your product is no 1. Please don't post this massage on social media.
      Thank you

      Nagaraj Naik

      Weight loss hoo raha hi

      Arohi M
      Clean product

      "Initially i thought it's some kind of medicated drink mix which will have sugar and all.. But I was wrong.. It is all natural and no sugar.. I am diabetic and have regular constipation and indigestion.. This is helping me with tummy concerns.. thanks


      Kanak ara
      Decent product

      "Earlier I thought the price was very high, but this is value for money.. I can see slight improvements in her allergies.. She had allergies and used to get a runny nose every now and then..


      Vedanti khurana

      "Being from the background of this food and nutrition I always check the product thoroughly before buying and giving it a chance. This product is Amazing i must say. I had preordered it for my entire family.. Both orange and lemon.. The taste was good and it was effective in digestion and immunity. Ty