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Online Home Therapy Course for Pencil Control
Pencil Control Occupational Therapy
Pencil Control Occupational Therapy
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Online Home Therapy Course for Pencil Control

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    Home Therapy Course: Exercises for Pencil Control

    100% Results! Online Course- Buy & Practice at Home

    About this Home Therapy Course

    This course is designed to strengthen Thumb and Index finger of kids to grip a pencil properly and write clearly. It is developed under the supervision of a renowned Occupational Therapist. This course includes six activities that you can easily have your child practice at home

    Why choose this course? 

    • Cost Efficient: Pay only one time 599/-. No payment per session.
    • Time Efficient: No need to travel far everyday.
    • Convenient: Purchase and easily practise at home everyday
    • Use Household Objects: No need to buy expensive tools

    What benefit will this home therapy have?  



    Early Intervention Assessment for Brain - Start Assessment 

    Requirements: There is no prerequisite knowledge or special technology required to complete the course.

    Who this course is for:

    • Kids who are not able to hold pencil properly
    • Kids who get tired while writing in just few minutes
    • Kids who need to improve their handwriting

    Course Content: 

    • Introduction to Pencil Control
    • Exercise 1
    • Exercise 2
    • Exercise 3
    • Exercise 4
    • Exercise 5
    • Exercise 6
    • Assessment sheet
    • Certificate of completion

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