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Nourish your knowledge with our nutritious facts.

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Navigating Newborn Growth Spurts: Understanding Signs & Strategies

Understanding Baby Growth Spurt Newborn Signs and How to Navigate Them

Discover the signs of baby growth spurts and how to...
by Shopify API on June 19, 2024
Exploring Teething Baby Symptoms and Associated Diarrhea: Insights and Solutions

Understanding Teething Baby Symptoms and Diarrhea

Discover the relationship between teething and diarrhea in babies. Learn...
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Optimal Fertility: Complete Guide to Women's Reproductive Age Chart

A Comprehensive Guide to Women's Fertility Age Chart

Discover the optimal age to conceive and factors affecting fertility...
by Shopify API on June 17, 2024
Optimizing Male Fertility: Proven Methods to Enhance Sperm Count

How to Increase Male Fertility: Science-Backed Ways to Boost Sperm Count

Discover science-backed ways to boost male fertility and increase sperm...
by Shopify API on June 17, 2024



As parents to two young boys, we have constantly attempted to learn, research, and try practices that can support the growth of our boys holistically. We are excited to bring our 8 years of conscious parenting experience and share some of our best practices with the world. Iyurved is an endeavor to adopt a more scientific approach to food and nutrition, keeping in touch with our traditions. Nutrition goes a long way in shaping not just an active present, but also a dependable future.