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Nourish your knowledge with our nutritious facts.

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Top-rated nuts & seeds for effective weight loss and enhanced health

What are the healthiest nuts and seeds for weight loss?

Discover the healthiest nuts and seeds for weight loss. These...
by sangria on July 12, 2024
Sugar Types: Unveiling Distinctions Between White and Brown Sugar

What's the Difference Between White Sugar and Brown Sugar?

Discover the differences between white sugar and brown sugar, from...
by sangria on July 12, 2024
Nutrient-packed protein balls: The ultimate guilt-free snack!

Why are Nut and Seed Protein Balls the Perfect Healthy Snack?

Looking for a protein-packed, nutritious snack? Discover the benefits of...
by sangria on July 12, 2024
Top Hair-Boosting Vitamins & Their Benefits

What Type of Vitamin Is Good for Hair?

Discover the essential nutrients for promoting healthy hair growth. Find...
by sangria on July 12, 2024



As parents to two young boys, we have constantly attempted to learn, research, and try practices that can support the growth of our boys holistically. We are excited to bring our 8 years of conscious parenting experience and share some of our best practices with the world. Iyurved is an endeavor to adopt a more scientific approach to food and nutrition, keeping in touch with our traditions. Nutrition goes a long way in shaping not just an active present, but also a dependable future.